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Gene Structure Display Server
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1. Introduction to GSDS

Gene Structure Display Server (GSDS) is designed for the visualization of gene features, such as the composition and position of exons, introns, and conserved elements .etc. The input could be sequences, GenBank Accession Number (or GI), or features in BED/GTF/GFF3 formats. After inputting gene features, a high-quality image can be generated. Shape and color for features can be customized by users and further modifying functions on figures are provided. To facilitate evolutionary analysis, a phylogenetic tree can be uploaded and added on the figure. In addition, the source code for GSDS website is available for downloading (here).

2. New features in GSDS2.0

Compared with version 1.0, GSDS 2.0 has a newly designed user-interface and several new features as following:

3. People


Previous Developers and Maintainers

4. Acknowledgement

Thanks for the developers of SVG-edit, and all comments from users.

5. How to Cite

Bo Hu, Jinpu Jin, An-Yuan Guo, He Zhang, Jingchu Luo and Ge Gao. (2015). GSDS 2.0: an upgraded gene feature visualization server. Bioinformatics, 31(8):1296-1297 [full text].

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