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Gene Structure Display Server
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This page will show the most frequently asked questions and answers.

1. Why my GenBank accession number don't work or the result is different to my expectation?

Once user input GenBank accession number, on the one hand, GSDS 2.0 will download the related sequence in FASTA format which may exceed the max limitation of input size in FASTA format of GSDS 2.0, on the other hand, GSDS 2.0 will align the FASTA sequence to the genome reference to get the gff annotation file of the input gene, which maybe different to the gff annotation provided by the GenBank then cause the result different to the users's expectation.

Below is the solution--get the GenBank gff annotation with your GenBank accession number by yourself and input the gff file to GSDS 2.0. For example, your GenBank accession number is NG_008935.1

  1. Go to the GenBank entry
  2. Download the GFF3 file by clicking "send to" on the upper right corner then click "File" and then choose GFF3 format and click "Create File".
  3. Use the GFF3 file as input to GSDS.
  4. If the introns in the resulted plot are displayed too long. At the result page of GSDS 2.0, use the Change the Intron rescale option to Shrink, adjust the shrink factor and click redraw, then you will get a nice plot.

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